Who We Are

About Consumers National Bank

Whether you’re a new neighbor in one of Northeastern Ohio communities we serve or an Ohioan searching for a banking partner, you’ve come to a good place! We’re glad you’re here. Let us tell you how we support our customers.

Who We Are

At Consumers National Bank, we're committed to meeting our customers' financial needs through fast, personalized service that helps businesses grow and families prosper. 

About us Our community-based banking approach sets us apart from larger regional banks because our local presence and expertise enable us to deliver exceptional service. We invest in our communities, teams, and solutions to make a positive difference where we live and work.

Keeping our promises to you - our customers - takes a team of passionately talented people. We encourage perpetual learning, a positive atmosphere, and pathways for professional growth to ensure we exceed all stakeholder expectations. 

The fundamentals of banking have remained the same for centuries. But making banking a better experience for customers is a continual process, fueled by changes in technology, deep experience, and dedication. We value the trust you place in Consumers National Bank and implement effective and efficient processes and standards to safeguard your data and deliver flawless service.

Whether you're a business owner, a farmer, a student starting your financial journey, or planning a well-earned retirement, our team is here for you. We'll listen to your plans, discuss your challenges, and collaborate to find the personalized services you need to achieve financial success.

Our journey as Consumers National Bank will include changes as we strive to keep pace with emerging technologies and adapt to your evolving needs. We'll continue to use the thoughtful, steady approach to growth that sustained us over the years. But throughout the changes, we'll always be your community bank.

Our Mission


To "Make A Difference" In Our Communities.

Our Vision


To be THE community bank in our markets.

Our Core Values


Respect, Integrity, Trust, Excellence.

President's Message

Ralph Lober

At Consumers National Bank, we operate under a community-based banking model to provide  fast, personalized services, especially in areas left underserved by large regional banks. Whether our customer is walking into a branch or accessing the bank online, our goal is to fulfill customer needs through exceptional service. By investing in the communities we serve, we help businesses grow and families prosper.

Consumers National Bank values our staff and leads employee development, encouraging continuing education, and offering opportunities for advancement within the company. When a customer enters one of our branches or interacts with a Consumers National Bank associate, it is our goal to have them handled by professionals who possess the skills to exceed that customer's expectations while attending to their financial needs.

The bank continues to look for better and more efficient ways to operate, safeguard customer information, and provide flawless service to our customers. Although we recognize that we cannot be everything to everyone, today's technology, coupled with the experience and commitment of our employees, allows us to offer competitive financial services that meet the needs of a broad range of customers—from businesses to individuals.

Consumers National Bank works for controlled, steady growth in markets similar to those we currently serve both geographically and demographically. We will look for opportunities to grow the bank by enhancing core product offerings and adding services outside traditional bank offerings. We strive to provide our customers with accessibility to their banking through personal contact and state-of-the-art technology.

Ralph J. Lober II
President & CEO

Our Story

About usOn August 30, 1965, the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency granted a charter to Minerva National Bank. A group of dedicated bankers realized their dream of an independent, community-focused bank. With five employees and assets of $300,000, the bank's first branch and corporate offices opened in Minerva, Ohio on September 7, 1965.

The bank grew and explored expansion opportunities. In April 1975, Minerva National Bank became Consumers National Bank. By July, the team opened a second branch office in Salem, Ohio, and in September, Romain "Bud" Fry became the President and Chairman of the Board.

On October 17, 1994, the shareholders of Consumers National Bank approved the formation of a bank holding company known as Consumers Bancorp, Inc. Steady growth continued, and the bank’s assets reached $100 million by August 1995. The Board of Directors elected Laurie L. McClellan as Chairman of the Board in 1998. Ralph J. Lober II accepted the role of President & CEO of Consumers Bancorp, Inc. and Consumers National Bank on September 19, 2008.

Our commitment to Consumers National Bank’s philosophy remains unchanged. We continue to fulfill the dream of our founders: to provide community-based banking services that make a difference in the communities we serve.