Consumers National Bank

ATM Banking

ATMs at Consumers National Bank evolved from a cash withdrawal machine to full-service, flexible, on-demand tools that make banking easier. Money Pass

Our self-service machines give you the power to use your debit card to:

  • Make deposits in cash or check form
  • Withdraw cash from approximately 40,000 in-network* MoneyPass ATMs in ‘fast-cash’ standard or custom amounts
  • Transfer funds between accounts linked to your debit card
  • Check account balances
  • Get transaction receipts as needed for record-keeping

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To report a lost or stolen ATM card, call:

And contact the Consumers National Bank team for a replacement.

Report Lost or Stolen Card

* Transactions at in-network ATMs have no surcharge fees. But withdrawals, deposits, transfers, and balance inquiries from other financial institutions' ATMs in the U.S. may include a small charge. Additional ATM network or operator fees are possible for any transaction, including balance inquiries.