Personal Loans

Personal Loans

Occasionally, life requires extra funds. For those times, Consumers National Bank offers competitive rates on unsecured personal loans. Our in-branch lenders are ready to help select the right option for you.

Personal loans are helpful for debt consolidation, home repair or renovations, weddings, holidays, vacations or unexpected expenses.

And with a local lender, you can always get in touch with someone when you have questions. Apply for a personal loan now, select one of the options below to get started.


Zero Fees to Apply

Consumers National Bank does not charge any fees to apply for a personal loan.

Personal Service and Quick Approval

Because our lenders and processors are all local, you’ll get quick response on approvals.

Customized Payment Plans

We’ll help you find the right payment options to fit your budget.

Calculate Payments

Use our handy payment calculator to estimate your loan payments.


A personal loan allows you to borrow money from a lender for almost any purpose, typically with a fixed-term, a fixed interest rate, and regular monthly payments.

To better assist you with this loan type, we require you to apply at any of our local branches.


We offer many different personal financing options, including the following types of loans:

Have questions about personal loans or financing options? We would be happy to help, contact us now.