ACH and Payroll

Increase Efficiency with ACH Payments and Payroll

The phrase ‘time is money’ rings true for business owners, and managing checks (for payments or deposits) and coordinating payroll requires significant time every month. 

PayrollWhen you use the cost-effective Automated Clearing House (ACH) electronic funds transfer network, you can:

  • Shift the hours spent writing and processing checks back into building the business
  • Reduce expenses for check printing and postage
  • Make or collect and process payments automatically, giving you more control over your cash flow

Are you ready to save time and money?

Contact a Consumers business banker or visit one of our local branches to learn more. Click here for an interactive demo.

ACH payments and payroll services from Consumers National Bank enable you to:

  • Offer direct deposit payroll to your staff 
  • Pay vendors via transfer instead of mailed checks
  • Create automatic debits for customer rent payments, memberships, or other recurring charges
  • Schedule Federal, state, and local tax payments

The Consumers National Bank payment center will support you with:

  • Formatting files to fit within ACH standards
  • Handling inbound data transmissions
  • Paying or collecting authorized funds from any bank across the globe

Let us help you manage the daily details so you can focus on your customers and your growth plan!