Consumers National Bank Re$ubmitIt® Check Recovery

Improve Your Collection Rate with Re$ubmitIt® Check Recovery

Despite customers’ best intentions, they’ll occasionally write checks that bounce. Unfortunately, most businesses collect less than 50 percent of checks returned due to insufficient funds (NSF).

You can boost your collection rate with Re$ubmitIt® Check Recovery, a free service from Consumers National Bank.

Re$ubmitIt® Check RecoveryHere’s how it works:
  • Deposit checks collected from customers into your Consumers' business bank account.
  • We’ll identify NSF checks and send them to the Re$ubmitIt® processing center.
  • Re$ubmitIt® converts the check to an electronic transaction and resubmits it to the check writer’s bank for payment.
    • The timing of submissions aligns with fund availability in the check writer's account.
  • If payment fails again, Re$ubmitIt® makes 2 additional electronic attempts.
  • Using automatic deposit into your account, Re$ubmitIt® remits the face value of collected checks every week.
  • Then, Re$ubmitIt® charges the check writer the state-regulated NSF fee.


To find out more or launch Re$ubmitIt® for your company, contact a business banker today!

Features, Terms, and Conditions of Re$ubmitIt®
  • Average collection rate: 75–85% of NSF checks
  • On-demand account monitoring, 24/7 to:
    • View check images
    • Track check status of each check
    • Download reports of outcomes
  • Available to any business that collects checks
  • 100% of collected checks’ face value automatically deposited into your account weekly
  • You must notify your customers of the Re$ubmitIt® electronic check recovery policy by posting a notification at the point of sale and on invoices or purchase orders
  • Items that fall outside the Re$ubmitIt® process include checks:
    • Posted against closed accounts
    • With a stop payment
    • Over $2,500
    • From businesses
    • More than 180 days old
  • After 3 attempts to collect (1 paper and 2 electronic submissions), Re$ubmitIt® will conduct a secondary collection effort by letter or phone and deliver a percentage of the check's face value.

Save time and resources while improving your collection rate with Re$ubmitIt® Check Recovery from Consumers National Bank!