Consumers National Bank Business BillPay

Streamlined Banking with Business Bill Pay

Keeping accounts payable current is essential to maintaining supplier relationships and a good credit rating. With Business Bill Pay from Consumers National Bank, you can automate electronic payments, ensuring consistent on-time invoice management.

BillPayWe know that controlling payables is about more than sending checks, so our Business Bill Pay service includes additional features.

You can:
  • Schedule one-time payments for varying amounts at different times to pay for expenses like utility bills or office supplies
  • Set up recurring payments for rent, mortgage, or insurance costs
  • Create a payment schedule up to 12 months in advance
  • Review pending payments, require approval before issuance, make edits or cancel
  • Maintain payee details for future scheduling
  • Give access to multiple users with payment guidelines and limits for each
  • Add invoice numbers or other information with payments
  • Monitor up to 18 months of payment history and track approved, pending, and paid invoices
  • Expedite payments if necessary
  • Manage your Business Bill Pay account through online banking


Take control of your payables and improve your cash flow today!

We’ve made it easy to manage accounts payable by

  • eliminating data entry
  • offering online record keeping
  • delivering your scheduled payments on time, every time.

Contact a Consumers business banker or visit one of our local branches to learn more.