Positive Pay

Positive Pay Protects Your Accounts

With Positive Pay service from Consumers National Bank, you'll reduce the risk and liability of altered or counterfeit checks presented for payment.

We compare the checks you issue to those submitted on your account to verify that the account number, check numbers, and dollar amounts match. When discrepancies occur, you control what happens next: pay or return the check.

Here’s how it works:

  • Send us a daily check-register file that shows the dates, check numbers, and amounts of the checks to post to your account.
  • We'll complete the verification process, comparing checks presented to those you issued and report exceptions to you.
  • Then, we’ll withhold payment until you tell us whether to accept or reject the check. 
  • You’ll have access to the check information and digital images to help with decision-making.

Positive Pay Start securing your accounts today! Contact a Consumers business banker to learn more.


Positive Pay is a straight-forward, cost-effective tool that mitigates the risk of check fraud:

  • The process catches ‘bad’ checks with altered amounts or invalid dates or duplicate checks.

You can also use Positive Pay with ACH transactions, ensuring electronic transfers or debits are legitimate.

Consumers National Bank’s Positive Pay service will monitor your accounts, helping your business operate more efficiently (and securely). You have a business to grow – we’ll help protect your money.