Commercial Construction Loans to Support Your Growth

Commercial Construction Loans to Support Your Growth

Commercial Construction LoansWhen it’s time to expand your company’s footprint or build a new facility, a commercial construction loan from Consumers National Bank can help finance your plan.

Instead of drawing on your cash reserves, you can use construction loan funds to pay for:

  • labor and materials for new construction
  • land purchase and development costs
  • renovation of an existing space

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Unlike other commercial loans that deliver financing in a lump sum, construction loan disbursements align with project milestones. For example, fund draws could support phases such as land clearing and development, the foundation pour, and building framing, with funds disbursed until project completion.

  • With a minimum down payment of 10%, you pay fixed or variable interest on received funds, then pay the principal amount in a lump sum upon project completion.
  • Or you can work with your Consumers National Bank lender to secure a commercial mortgage on the property and repay the loan in cost-effective payments over time.

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