Sweep Accounts

Make Your Money Work Harder with Our Sweep Account Services

A Sweep Account from Consumers National Bank combines a checking account's functionality with the power of an available line of credit. 

sweep accountsHere’s how it works:

  • Establish a daily target balance for your sweep account.
  • Use your account for daily transactions like check writing, deposits, and wire transfers. 
  • Consumers automatically 'sweeps' excess funds above your targeted balance into a higher rate interest-bearing investment account at the close of business.
    • You’ll earn a variable rate of interest calculated daily, compounded, and paid monthly.
    • If the balance drops below your target during business hours, we’ll transfer funds back to the sweep account to keep your business running smoothly.

You can link sweep accounts with zero balance accounts to make your dollars work for you!


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Sweep Account Line of Credit Terms and Conditions

  • Competitive rates on cash reserves
  • Automated transfers to sweep account to maintain target balance
  • Line of credit availability increases as you repay transferred funds
  • FDIC insured